Who is A Christian teacher

who is a Christian teacher
A Christian teacher

Who is A Christian teacher

A Christian teacher is an individual who looks at Jesus Christ with “unveiled face and is being transformed with an ever increasing glory to be like Christ’’ 2 Cor. 3:18 A Christian teacher make a difference in students lives and impacts every aspect of their lives including their physical, social, intellectual, emotion, moral and spiritual lives.

A Christian teacher is a teacher who is a follower of Jesus Christ. He believes in Jesus Christ and has a testimony of encounter with Jesus Christ like the Samaritan woman who at the well and is ready to testify to the community that Jesus Christ is the Messiah “come and see  a man who told me everything I ever did” John 4:29.

Who is a Christian Teacher? practical example

Jesus met, called and taught his disciples and transformed their lives in such a manner that today their teachings have impacted the world. Lets take the example of Peter the apostles.

Korb (2014) described the impact of Jesus’ teaching on Peter. Remember that Simon (Peter) was a simple fisherman whom Jesus called to change his job from being a fisherman to a fisher of men. At the end of the period when Jesus had disciplined Peter, he was a completely changed man. Korb (2014) observed that:

  1. Emotionally Peter learned to control him temper that occasionally erupted

  2. Spiritually, Peter changed his beliefs in God such that Peter, after the teaching of Jesus, had faith that influenced everything he did in his life, . is delivered the sermon at Pentecost in Acts 2 as well as wrote of 1&11 Peter.

This tell us that a student who has learned under a Christian teacher will influence everything around him. Similarly Jesus changed the lives of other disciples who went through His teaching.

Christian teachers therefore have great influence on the society through the students they teach. Christian teachers have the potent power to transform society through the content, method and relationship with student which can change the students’ minds, hearts and body.



In the classroom through what they teach.

Christian teacher should bear in mind that whatever subject or course he/she teaches, has been instituted by God in His creation. Everything seem and unseen, , have been created by God at creation Gen 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. In proverbs 25:2 we are told that that God conceals some matter to His glory but kings are to search out such matter.   Therefore, through research we can find out the things God has created. Every student taught by Christian teacher is expected to carry God into everything he/she does in life. Make Jesus Christ your sufficiency in the classroom

Through the methods of teaching:

the way teachers teach can be used to transform the society. The target of Jesus Christ in His teaching was to bring understanding to His learners. He taught using real life examples, illustrations (little child), parables, stories that were familiar to the learners. . Today, technology has enabled teachers to use technology to teach, such as power point presentation, smart/interactive boards and other forms of modern technology. The irony is that some teachers including Christians teachers have stuck to the old verbal presentation with a few visual aids like charts, diagram and pictures as well as audiovisual instructional materials. Christian teachers must take their time to prepare to teach well using modern and interesting method of teaching.

  • Example – Jesus told his disciples to follow His example in John 13:15. Some teachers come to class late, unprepared and empty handed to teach. Christian teachers must set example of enthusiasm, commitment, positive attitude and preparedness for their students. Good examples enable students in the future to practice good virtues in their profession especially of integrity, honesty, commitment and hard work.

Attitude: Attitude carry a teacher or learner to the highest level of performance.

The saying that “attitude determines your altitude” is true saying as it relates to the attitude of teachers and students in teaching and learning. The teachers attitude towards the students, what he/she teaches and how he/she teaches communicate to the learners the kind of  values we posses. As Christians our attitude towards our jobs, should be positive. Positive attitude has positive influence on students. Our attitude towards every child is that he/she is teachable and it is our responsibility to teach and the learner to the next levels of performance. The Christian teacher should not condone sin especially dishonesty and lying by students. They should show rejection of examination malpractice false and deceptive performance.  Ps 12: 1 – 7.

Christian beliefs and values:

Christians believe Jesus as way of salvation prepared by God for mankind John 14:6; Act 4:12 and therefore the only way of salvation and eternal life. John 17:3. People are called upon to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ and be righteous 2Cor 5:17 – 21. When Christian teachers see themselves as ambassadors of Christ and the righteousness of God they will pass on their righteous life values to their students. Our society will be transformed by righteousness in leadership, office and business.

By being transformed by Christ yourself as a teacher.

A popular adage says “you cannot give what you don’t have”. If Christian teachers have Jesus Christ, Christian beliefs and values and Christian attitude. They will impart the same to their students. Paul the apostle said that he wanted to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. To transform the nation in the positive direction, Christian teachers have to know Jesus Christ personally.


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