When God Matchmake you


When God Matchmake you


Then the Lord God made   a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man and he brought her to the man (genesis 2:22). Before God created the woman, there was first of all an intimacy between God and man. Before God will matchmake you, you must first of all as a man or a woman developed an intimate relationship with Him. This is the prerequisite for everyone who wants God’s perfect plan in his/her own marriage.

God knows the kind of helper that the man Adam need and He formed Her. When Adam saw the woman, he was satisfied when he said “this is now the bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh”. The plan of God will always satisfy a man because He alone know the exact need of a man. God knows the kind of help every man on earth need and he will match make you if only you develop and intimacy with Him.

Adam was not aware of his own nee. It was God who formed eve for Adam. He alone knows the kind of mate Adam needed. Even though man may feel a vacuum in Him and will desire to have a wife, no man can form a woman that will meet his need. The making of a woman is beyond a man can do. When ever a man tries to formed a wife for himself, it may end up in a marriage crisis. A man can feel a vacuum and desire to have a wife but cannot form a wife. Anything that a man formed can never be elastic.

A woman who wants to be matchmake by God must also develop an intimacy with God.

A woman who wants to be matchmake by God must also develop an intimacy with God. It is in this intimacy that she will be formed for the man whom He has appointed for her. Any woman that is not formed through an intimate relationship with God is not marriable.

I am very certain that so many may be tempted to dismiss this truth as old-fashioned or super spiritual. But they also need to be aware that there is never any devaluation of the currency of the kingdom of God. However, no erosion of it values and standard.

When God who is the perfect match maker, match make you, it will not come as a result of following some elaborate theological theory but rather by the sovereign guidance of overruling of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Various forces may undermine the biblical foundation of marriage. Secular humanism for example, present marriage as a kind of social contract in which the parties are force to dictate their own terms and condition. People who approach marriage on the basis will never experience either the physical or the spiritual fulfillment that the Bible Promises to those who follow its pattern.

Perfect match begins by developing an intimacy with God. God has a plan for your life that is good and acceptable and perfect (Rom 12:2). You can move more quickly into that plan by deliberately choosing to get close to God. Hear what he is saying to you personally day by day. If you do not already have a rich relationship with the Lord, you need to learn how to draw near to him in your daily quite time. To read more on developing a quite time with God, Click.

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