What Will Thou Have Me To Do?

What Will Thou Have Me To Do?

What will Thou have me to do, a question everyone should be asking. in Acts 9:1-19, you see a very zealous man who actually thought he was doing God a service by persecuting the church. Had you stopped him and asked for his reasons, he might have said something like this:”Jesus of Nazareth is dead. Do you expect me to believe that a crucified nobody is the promised Messiah? According to our Law, anybody who is hung on a tree is cursed [Deut 21:23]. Would God take a cursed false prophet and make him the Messiah? No! His followers are preaching that Jesus is both alive and doing miracles through them. But their power comes from Satan, not God. This is a dangerous sect, and I intend to eliminate it before it destroys our historic Jewish faith!”

On his Way to Damascus, Saul suddenly found himself on the ground! (Acts 9:4) It was not a heat stroke or an attack of epilepsy that put him there, but a personal meeting with Jesus Christ. At midday (Acts 22:6), he saw a bright light from heaven and heard a voice speaking his name (Acts 22:6-11). The men with him also fell to the earth (Acts 26:14) and heard the sound, but they could not understand the words spoken from heaven. They stood to their feet in bewilderment (Acts 9:7), hearing Saul address someone, but not knowing what was happening.

The question “What will thou have me to do” came from a heart that was inquisitive to know

what brought about the question, what What will thou have me to do? was that Paul was inquisitive, eager and very prompt in wanting to know why Christ has come for Him. You know that he has been a very ardent persecutor of the church as a young learned man. He witnessed the murder of Stephen, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ that was stoned to death Acts 7:58; 8:1a. He was even on his way after obtaining permission from the high priest to go to Damascus and arrest Christians or believers in Christ and to bring them bound to Jerusalem. It was on this mission that the Lord Jesus arrested Him before he could reach Damascus for the arrest of the Christians.

Who are You lord? What will thou have me to do?

“who are you lord? Saul asked, and the voice replied, I am JESUS, the one you are persecuting” Acts 9:6(NLT)

before the question, “what will thou have me to do” He first ask “who are you Lord?” Paul a strong young man was knocked down by the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. All along he has been up and down doing what he thought is a service to God but now has seen a greater light that knocked him down. Jesus cannot meet you and you will still be standing. You can meet Jesus and remain the same. May Jesus knock out every sin and lifestyle in you that has made you to be moving on wrong destinations in the name of Jesus.  Many youths are in church but are doing strange things in the name of serving God.

It was strange to Paul and he had to ask “who are you lord?” Knowing the person of Jesus is very crucial in life. Even if you have been in church for many years but have not come to the personal knowledge of JESUS, you are not saved at all. Even if you know the Reverends and Pastors personally. Baptism without knowing Jesus is not salvation. This is the first question that must be asked by every sincere youth if he/she wants to go far in life.

before asking the question “What will thou have me to do?”

Many youths are eager to ask about who to marry. They are very excited to go into different relationships because of who to marry. No wonder many keeps making mistakes. But the first question that is very crucial in your life as a youth is “who are you lord”? Until the ‘who’ question is answered properly, the ‘what’ question will not be answered at all in your life. Knowing who Jesus is, is very important than knowing what He wants you to do.

The simple answer to Paul’s question was “I am Jesus”. Jesus is the first thing and the first person in your life. You need Him first. Knowing who He is the first step of knowing what to do for Him

Many young people are engrossed with services in the church without having settled the first question of what to do for God. it is very important to be committed to this in your life and ensure Jesus knows you first.

The second Question: Lord, what will you have me to do?

“Trembling and astonished he asked, Lord what do you desire me to do? The Lord said to but arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do” Acts 9:6(AMP)

What to do with Jesus is more important than what you can do for Him. From Luke 10:38:42, what do you understand by the good thing that Mary has found? Brethren you cannot do anything for Jesus if He has not done anything in your life.

What will thou have me to do, and Jesus answered Him? – “The Lord said to but arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do” Acts 9:6(AMP). One would have expected Jesus to tell Paul direct. But that was not the case. The life of Paul was to be groomed before any service. God uses human beings to also point us to Jesus. He uses His own children like Ananias to open our eyes to see Jesus clearly 1 Cor. 11:1. This is what is called discipleship.

their is a place for growth before He will answer the question of What will thou have me to do

Even after knowing Jesus, you are to grow, and be established in Him before you can do anything for Him. What to do for Jesus is a by-product of our walk with GOD Mark 3:14. Being with Jesus, knowing Him and following Him is what gives rise to what to do for Jesus. May you take your walk with Jesus very important than anything. Your walk with Jesus is more important than your work for Him.

It is from here that you acquire the life that qualifies you to be stable in doing what God has called you to do. It is being with Jesus that you even know what He wants you to do, how to do it, where to do it and with whom to do it.

Jesus is more interested in us than He is interested in what we can do for Him.

What will thou have me to do cannot be effective without your knowledge of Him. You cannot so anything for Jesus if He has not done anything sufficient for Him. Your ministry comes from your life. That was how Jesus did his own ministry- “In my book, I told you, Theophilos about everything Jesus began to do and teach” Acts 1:1. What He did was what He taught. Without this in your own life, you will only be a hypocrite as you serve God.

The third Question: What to do?

“. they asked Him, what must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, the work of God is to believe in the One He has sent” John 6:28-29

What an amazing answer! What to do is just to BELIEVE in Jesus. The other things to do will be settled. This is simple and lovely. That the only thing you have to do that will make you to do God’s work is just to believe Jesus and be established in Him. This what God even wanted Paul to know and be established in. without this Paul did not have a ministry. The messages of Paul were all centered on Christ. Even the suffering He endured was because of His faith in Christ.

know that in What will thou have me to do, the basis of all the works you will do for God is dependent on your faith in Him.

Believe Jesus at all times and in all things:

  • At all Time, Believe Him as LORD and Saviour
  • Believe Him as the Son of God that died, resurrected and will be coming back again.
  • and Believe first for your life

You cannot follow Jesus if don’t believe Him. it is not possible to obey Him if you don’t believe Him.

You cannot serve Him without faith. The Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God.

Therefore, the only work God has called me to do is to believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

If you don’t believe Him for your salvation, how can you believe Him for the salvation of others? If you don’t believe Him for your victory how can you believe him to deliver others. The source and foundation of genuine ministry is found in my faith in Christ Jesus.

Paul had to go blind for 3 days so that he may be blindfolded to his achievements, knowledge, environment, etc. and his eyes will only be on JESUS. Hereafter, Paul only lived, preached and died because of Jesus Christ ONLY.

Whether you are called to be a Pastor, Evangelist, missionary, music minister, and whatever GOD wants you to be and do for Him, you must ensure that your faith in Christ is rooted and established firmly. That is the basis of a correct ministry and service to God.


Brethren, what to do for God becomes clearer and known to you only as you keep knowing Jesus. Your walk with Him determines your work with Him. What you do for Him comes out of what He has done in your life. Your serving Him in any capacity either to serve in the church, go for missions, use your profession as tool for service etc.  is dependent on you this understanding. May your walk and work bring pleasure to God. Bow down your head and cry to God to help you so that you will sincerely walk and work with Him correctly. Please pray!

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