What Can You Do, If You Are Unemployed?

What Can You Do, If You Are Unemployed?

looking for a job

looking for a job

This day is hard to secure employment. What Can You Do, If You Are Unemployed?, The jobs are not available. Many young people who leave school soon realize that life is not always a fun. They begin to settle down to certain realities of unemployment. The pocket monies from parents and relations and no longer come as they used to come during their university’s days. The little they save during NYSC seems to have finished. It was spend in the process of traveling and going up and down looking for a Job. They are left with having nothing to use as a capital for small scale business. But what shall one do in such a time like this?

A teaming number of graduates from Nigeria universities, polytechnic and other higher institution goes for their national youth service (NYSC) and thousands pass out yearly and desperately want place to settle down. Parents and guardians feel a sense of relief when their children or wards graduate and finish NYSC. They hope the children will get employed and begin to take care of themselves and even help in the family. But they end up having nothing and doing nothing most of the time.What Can You Do, If You Are Unemployed? is the question many are unable to answer. Most of stay in bed and wake up late in the morning, hang around, watch television and sleep.

Don’t do what will make you irresponsible

Some friends may suggest to them some so call online business that they don’t work for the earning. They may call it fast cash, or easy generation, but this also is only making them irresponsible. The ideas are welcoming and charming, just putting your money to get double or more in some hours. But this is also destroying your potential capacity as a youth. in such kind of easy generation money, What Can You Do, If You Are Unemployed?

Many people may even begin to think of you as lazy, unable to do something useful and wanting to perpetually defendant when you should be helping people. You may have an entrepreneurship plan to implement what you learn during Camp SAED program but no capital to start, you need a job that is also not available.

What can you do as an unemployed graduate?


What to do:

  1. Organize a home tutorial for kids.
The earning may not be much but it will support you to a certain level.2. Develop your skill:

the period of unemployment can be a period of sharpening your skills. Locate a place related to your field where can go and work voluntarily just to sharpen and developed your skills and to add to your working experience. Voluntary service with a company or organization may provide a gainful employment in the long run or may be helpful in certain way in the future.
It is may not be easy to continue as a dependent but you can trust God to see you through and who knows that you may even be able to sponsor yourself by trying you hand in a skill or enterprise.

3. Assist mission organization:

you may consider assisting mission organization like fellowship of Christian students (FCS) or scriptural union (SU). You can either in a part time or full-time capacity. Be a short tern or long-term missionary with FCS or SU. your contribution as a volunteer missionary in any mission organization will not only make the ministry happy but God will be happy for the expansion you will bring into his kingdom. God is not unjust concerning his promises, he will surely reward your labour of love. He said it in Hebrew 6:10 “For God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labor and the love which you have shown for His name’s sake in ministering to the needs of the saints (His own consecrated people), as you still do.

4. You may organize a bible study club for children, visit the sick to pray with them in the hospital. Visit the inmate in prison.
5. What about fathering your education.

To obtain a higher qualification or a professional course will improve your chance of securing a good employment as it affords you an edge over many competitors

6. look for job advert

looking for job vie the internet, you might also let friends, church members and other acquaintance know you are looking for a job. They may have clues about vacancies or may know employer who may need your service.  Be ready with your C.V. It should be written in such a way to show that you will be am asset to the organization you are applying.

6. develop yourself in a legitimate online business.

Waiting for God to open a door can be a time to trust him more. At long last, you will learn that all things including unemployment work together for good to those who love God, who are call according to his purpose.

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