Three Brothers Proposed To Marry Me.

Three Brothers Proposed To Marry Me.

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marriage proposal

What should i do when Three Brothers Proposed To Marry Me. The issue of many brothers proposing marriage to one sister is quite common. Even though it is clearly obvious that no sister can get married to more than one brother. Many sisters are confuse with several proposal from different brothers.

What Can I Do?

I am a fresh graduate preparing for my youth service (NYSC). I thank God for how he has brought me thus far. The problem is that presently, Three Brothers Proposed To Marry Me. Each one of them is saying “it is God will and desperately wants me to marry him.

They are all members of my church. They are committed and dedicated brothers that no sister will want to miss. Because I am now confused, I told each one of them that I want to finish service (NYSC) and after that obtain my master’s degree first before talking about marriage. But the problem again is that when I said this to each one of them, I can here each saying that He is ready to daily marriage until I complete my Masters.  I am confused. There is one especially that I like, but I am not sure whether my feelings are right. What should I do?

Multiple proposal often arises due to several reasons. we can look at two among other reasons are as follows

  1. Sisters level of participation and commitment in fellowship often attract Brothers to her:\

The more active, dedicated and committed a sister is in fellowship, the more spiritual and mature she is thought to be and hence the more proposal she receives from brothers. It may not be the brothers fault because they all want to marry a spiritual and mature sister. But in such situation, what should a sister do? Should she be less spiritual and inactive in other to avoid multiple proposal? The answer is capital NO.

It is the sister’s responsibility to either encourage or discourage these many proposals, first by her conduct and also her words, and also by concretely receiving a word or conviction from God before she should give a reply to each proposal. Just as peter told Jesus “at thy word, I will cast down the net” (Luke 5:5).

Sister, we Brothers will still come and proposed but Don’t accept any body proposal unless you are certain that your conviction about the will of God is genuine and not just base on emotion, physical or material consideration. No matter how many brethren or even pastors feel led to convince a sister concern, it is necessary for her to have a personal conviction from God which she could always hold on to in times of pressure knowing that God will is not to harm you but are for good to give you a future.

Sister, Don’t look at the brothers as a canal men simply because they are proposing you. look at them as your brothers. Be open to them, there is no need playing trial and error with an adult emotion. It has caused untold damages to brethren’s salvation and even their entire lives.

2. A good number of the brothers fall in love with sister’s physical features even before they go to seek God’s face.

As a result of this many don’t pray to get a definite answer from God before they go on to propose to a sister. This has also brought about sisters receiving so many proposals from Brothers in fellowship.

Brothers, you should not propose marriage to a sister simply because you admire her. There are many sisters you may admire in a similar way.

Brothers consistent intimate relationship with the Lord will help you get it right. Spending time with Him sharpens your spiritual sensitivity and make it easier for you to receive signal from heaven.

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