The Use And Abuse of Good Christian Books

The Use And Abuse of Good Christian Books


The Use And Abuse of Good Christian Books: It may look as though reading is declining in importance. Good books can be use and abuse. If the purpose of a thing is not known, then abuse is inevitable. How will I then identify a good book in other not to abuse it. The best book to read is the one whose author is inspired by the Holy Spirit to Write its content. The best book is the one that set us off on train of thought that carries us far away from and far beyond the book itself. Sometimes a single sentence; then we will be wise to close the book and let God speaks to us, nature and our heart be our teachers. You will find yourself spending more time reading the Book.

There are three groups when it comes to literature Usage: These are

1. when it comes to The Use And Abuse of Good Christian Books, The first group is the group who never read Christian literature,

This group of readers believe that they have no need of it. Have no time to read or they simply because are lazy. they don’t have personal library. You will not see them in the book store.

I once suggested a book to friend and based on my interaction with Him as a friend, I know that he need to read a particular book. It will to a great extent shape his Life. But simply because he doesn’t see the need of reading books, he replies “Madu, just tell me the name of the book and I will go a pray so that the Holy Spirit will reveal the content of the book to me. Simply put, they don’t have time for literature. they claim to know everything. this group will not have a broader mind. their thinking may not be strongly matured. They have not given space grow their mind

2. The second group is the group of those that read anything that comes their way.

This group at times, if they don’t have spiritual backbone, can easily be misled. A book that can be so read is not likely to be the most helpful one. At a table where all the food is wholesome “eat anything” may be safe counsel for guest, but where some of the food is without nourishment and some down right poisonous, it may a counsel of death to those that follow it. and if we should exercise care in selecting what matter to take into our stomach, how much more important that we be most careful of the quality of matter we take into our mind.

3. The third group should be people with selective reading.

They have appetite for specific books and also specific authors. They are selective on what to read and what not to read.

A book that inform us without inspiring us may be indispensable to the scientist, the lawyer, the physician, but mere information is not enough for a Christian. The successful Christian, however must know God himself. He needs God to interpret unto Him any written information. Information is not knowledge unless it has been interpreted. We have textbooks that content a lot of information but we still go to school for our teachers to interpret that information in class to become knowledge.

If information about a thing constitute learning, then the encyclopedia would be all the library one needed to be a fruitful Christian.  I therefor recommend reading, not for diversion, nor for information alone but for communion with the mind and spirit.

The book that lead the soul into the sunlight, point upward and bow out is always the best book to read. I writer said; “ if a  man would acquire knowledge, he should read five hours a day anything he felt incline to read.”



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