The Prophetic Assignment

The Prophetic Assignment


Come fearlessly and confidently and boldly to the throne of Grace.That we may receive mercy and find grace to help in good time of every need (Hebrew 4:16). It is when we receive this grace that we can able to fulfill prophetic assignment. When we approach his throne of grace, we receive mercy and grace to help in good time for every need. This grace also teaches us to say no to ungodly living, worldly passionate desire, to live uprightly in this present crook and wicked generation, awaiting and looking for the fulfillment of our blessed hope, even the glorious appearing of our great God a Savior Christ Jesus. (Titus 2:11-13).

It is when we receive this grace that we can able to fulfill prophetic assignment.

Many are willing to fulfill prophetic assignment but are not available for God used. This is simply because the human flesh has to be dealt with. The human flesh over ages has been a barrier for the free move of the Spirit of God. People like Moses refused to be call the sons of pharaoh but avail himself to share the oppression, suffer hardship and bear the shame of the people of God in order fulfill prophetic assignment rather than to have the fleeting enjoyment of a sinful life. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and many other heroes of faith have to leave there comfort zone in other to fulfill Gods prophetic assignment.

The flesh remains the enemy of faith

A man that is still having the flesh at throne of his life may be willing but will not avail himself for God to used. The Spirit of God cannot operate maximally in a man until the flesh is dethroned. (Rom. 8:16). It is when the flesh has been dethrone that the Spirit of God can prevail over it. This can only be done when the flesh (body) is offered as living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God, Which is the spiritual act of worship (Rom. 12:1). The flesh remains the enemy of faith but when you give it up for the Spirit the faith will prevail over the flesh.

The success of Paul in fulfilling prophetic assignment

The success of Paul in fulfilling Gods assignment was that: “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ the messiah lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).

Jesus said that his nourishment is in fulfilling the work of him that sent him. After he haD fulfilled this prophetic assignment, he said “it is finish”. When Christ entered into the world, he said, sacrifice and offering, you have not desired, but instead you have made ready a body for me a body to offer; in burn offering and in sin offering you have taken no delight. Then I said behold I am coming to do your will, O God fulfil what is written of me in the volume of the book (Hebrews 10:5-7).

Whereas this one (Christ), after he had offered a single sacrifice for our sins (that shall avail for all time, sat down at the right hand of God, then to wait until his enemies should be made a stool beneath his feet. (Hebrew 10:12-13 amp)

Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of God. It was declared also by David  “The lord (God) say to my Lord (the messiah), sit at my right hand until I make your adversaries your footstool. The lord will send forth from Zion the scepter of your strength. Rule then in the mist of your foes” (Psalms 110:1-2). Jesus has finished his assignment and is now sitting at the right hand of God. He is now sitting until all his enemies become his footstool. We are patiently waiting for the coming of the lord Jesus, and in achieving this the lord has send forth from Zion the scepter of his strength (psalms 110:2).

Emblem of royal power,

A scepter is an emblem of royal power, it stands for an authority that comes from the throne. This power and authority is coming out from Zion. Zion represent the church of God where his spirit dwells. There is an authority that has been given unto the church to rule amidst Gods enemies. This authority is sent forth from Zion but the question is are you in Zion, are you dwelling in the presence of God. For you to fulfill this prophetic assignment and exercise this authority, you need to make God dwelling place (Zion) your dwelling. God is sending forth his word through the inhabitant of Zion to rule among his enemies.

We are to rule and establish his purpose here on earth into the different sectors of the government and community. We are Christ ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20). All authority in heavens and on earth has been given unto him. He has sent us to make all nation partakers of his grace (Mathew 28:18-19).

Dominion for prophetic assignment

Despise prophetic disasters and the opposition from the pit of hell, God has given us dominion over every forces of darkness.  The world system don’t want to give a Christian a sensible office in the government. They push Christians out of sensible position even in the private sectors. The good-news is that God has given us the power to dominate and rule among his enemies. (those who don’t want to accept the gospel of Christ).

The assignment of Jesus

When Jesus was praying to the father, he said: “Just as you sent me into the world, I also has send them into the world” (john 17:18). And he told his disciples, “Just as the father has sent me fort, so I am sending you (john 20:21). These is a prophetic assignment that God has gave his disciples. You a going into the world to fulfilled Gods mandate just as Jesus did.

The assignment of Jesus was in the book of the prophet (Isiah 61:1-2). He was sent to preach the Gospel to the poor, announce release to the captive and recovery of sight to the blind, to delivered the oppressed and to proclaim the acceptable year of  the Lord. He has now send us just as he was sent to fulfill Gods mandate. Jesus after reading this same book of the prophet in the synagogue told them that this scripture has been fulfilled at their hearing. He has come so as to destroy the work of darkness (1 John 3:5). You are call into the assignment of destroying the works of darkness, preaching the Gospel of Christ, setting the captives free, delivering the oppressed, and declaring the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

fulfilling God prophetic assignment

God will not send angels into the earth for the purpose of this assignment. He is depending on you and me. We must not disappoint him. Jesus will not leave his sit and come down to the earth until The gospel of the kingdom has been preach. Preached as a witness to all nation then the end will come (Mathew 24:3,14  ). He is depending on us to advance the gospel of the kingdom. We need to work so that every part of the world should hear the gospel of Christ. Not all will accept the gospel because the devil may have harden their heart.  Our assignment is to bring it to their hearing as a witness.

We are the foot soldiers of Christ. We are the vessels that God is using to bring his enemies under his footstool. He said we are the light of the world and a city set upon a hill cannot be hidden. Therefor let your light shine before men and glorify your father who is in heaven. Your light need to shine and disperse darkness. Where ever there is light darkness doesn’t exist. God is depending on us to disperse darkness wherever we find ourselves.  Let the evil activities in any particular place disappear at your presence I that place. The sanity of the world system is in the hands of the church. The church is the only solution to the problem of the earth.

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