Overcoming The Lustful Desires Of The Flesh

Overcoming The Lustful Desires Of The Flesh

Overcoming The Lustful Desires Of The Flesh

The lustful desires of the flesh is an appetite or a desire in a man nature that translate into an action without a regard to the will of God.  The flesh is man nature without God. A lustful desire is an inner action that translate into a physical action. One of the devil strategy from genesis is to place before a man anything that delight the eyes. That was the very strategy he used to tempt Jesus. This is simple because whatever delight the eye of a man becomes his desire. The devil suggested eaten a fruits to eve without regarding the command of the Lord. The Bible is saying that the world only offers a craving for physical pleasure; a craving for everything we see and pride in our achievement and possession ( 1John 2:16 ).

The lustful desires of the flesh those not have a  regard to the will of God. It creates an internal force in the heart of a man. A force that propels him to act even when the Lord has not commanded a thing. The Lord is also saying; “the world is fading away along with everything that people crave, but anyone who does the will of God abides forever” (1John 2:17). All that the flesh desires in contrast to the will of God is temporal. What a man need that is not temporal is the will of God. The original intention of God concerning man is that man will operate in Gods will. The plan of God is for the benefit of man.

The first thing we will be looking at in other to overcome The lustful desires of the flesh’, a craving in the nature of man is to seek to know and understand the will of God.

God is  passing this instruction to today through Ephesians 5:70; saying’ “so then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. A life live outside the will of God is a life that is always craving to fulfill the delight of the eyes. a delight without a regard to the voice of the Spirit. God call such kind of life foolishness. If at all we don’t want to become foolish in the eyes of God, then we need to overcome the lustful desire of the flesh.

Overcoming the craving and the desires of the flesh is possible through commitment to Gods will.

The life of a Christian is that of a commitment to Gods will. To be committed to Gods will means that one has choose to allow Gods will to prevail over his own will. This can only be possible when a man has completely surrender his life to Christ. For the scripture is saying that any man that is in Christ Jesus has crucified the flesh which is the godless human nature with its passion and appetite and desires. A life that will fulfill Gods will is the crucified Life. It is the crucified life that has the capacity to overcome the lustful desire of the flesh.

 It has been said: "We are so addicted to self, so wrapped up in self, so entwined with self, so infatuated with self, that our spiritual natures cannot be centered in God in a deep union of love, without a violent contradiction of our old natures. This is the secret of the cross. It does violence to corrupt human nature. It slays the old life." (FJ Huegel)

If we want to be truly committed to the will of God, then you must surrender your life to Christ. It is not possible to overcome the lustful desire of the flesh when you have not given your life to Christ. The crucified life is a life that is born again by the spirit of God.

Overcoming The Lustful Desires Of The Flesh  entails ti die daily

We must die daily to all self-righteousness, self-seeking, self-pity, self-justification, self-esteem, and every other self-glorying manifestation of the self-centered flesh. The question I will like you to post and ask yourself is this; Am I living the crucified life? have I experience the crucified life? Is my life a testimony of the crucified life?  If you are yet to get a yes answer to the above questions, why not use this opportunity to Pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I am sorry for living myself. I have come to totally surrender my life to You. I am united with You in Your death and Your life. I now yield my old self into Your death. I now declare it "crucified with Christ". I will continue to die daily to this self-centered flesh. I will die to the spirit of the world. I am alive with You. I will be alive with You day by day. I will live united with Your life.

The second reality in the life of a man that has crucified the flesh is that he now walks in accordance to the leading of the Spirit Of God. One cannot walk in the spirit if he has not first of all let go of will. When the flesh is crucified on the cross, it takes a continues walk in the spirit to keep the flesh dead. The Lord is Saying, walk by the spirit and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh (human nature without God). Overcoming the lustful desires of the flesh call for daily walk in the spirit. So many have try several things to overcome the flesh but couldn’t avail, God is saying, by strength shall no man prevail. You need a daily walk with spirit in other to overcome the force that comes from a lustful desire.

When one walks by the spirit of God, he/she develop a nature that is always longing for the will of God to prevail.

A man that yield to walk with the Spirit of God develop fruits of the Spirit which is Love, Peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Being filled and lead by the spirit is both and event and a process. Fruits on a tree is not produce instantly, it takes an entire season for it to grow from a green bud to a ripe piece of fruit.

The spirit fruitful qualities in our live that makes us to be committed towards doing Gods will is like that. We need to grow in our faith and spend day after day trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is as we trust in the leading of the Holy spirit that the fruit of the Spirit grows and matured in us. To overcome the delight of the eye, one need to have self-control which is the Fruit of the Spirit. The desires of the flesh may flash our ways even after we may have given our life to Christ. But it is the strength through our union with the Holy spirit that produce a greater and greater force in our life. The Holy Spirit produce in us the Capacity to do the will of God. May we always be in the will of God.

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