The Failures of Prophets

.The Failures of Prophets

pictorial description of The Prophetic Disasters

Not all prophets that started well with God ended up well. There are prophets that God has call into the prophetic ministry but missed out along the way in seeking for recognition and to win the respect of men. They in seeking for recognition go about with weekly or even daily prophecy without actually hearing from God. They don’t see vision, they made up their own message (Ezekiel 13:3). This result to The Failures of Prophets

Prophecy is not in speaking words but it is the flow of the Spirit as God give utterance.

They follow their own spirit and things they have not seen and have seen nothing. In such, the lord has turn his eyes against them. (Ezekiel 13). So many today are carried away by the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Some turn up to become political prophets and prophet of men. They are hired by political men to bring a stop to the advancement of God kingdom on earth.  (Nehemiah 6; 10-13). They have sold the anointing of God that was upon their head on the tables of politicians.

True Prophecy Glorify Christ

Others glorify themselves instead of glorifying Christ, they testify of themselves instead of testifying Christ, no wonder many people today trust more on the prophet than they trust on God, they talk and discussed more on the prophet than they discussed Christ. The gift of prophecy is not the one that emphasize on the man of God or the anointing on the man of God, the prophetic gift emphasized on Christ and the authority that is in Christ.

Prophecy is not for recognition; The Failures of Prophets

They went out of the church to form a ministry in other to gain recognition and their taught is that the office of the prophets is higher than any other office in the church. Why then will they be sitting under a church leadership with their level of spiritual anointing? They will gradually begin to exclude themselves from the church. The devils began to fail when bride enter him. Pride Goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall (proverb 16:18). The Failures of Prophets begins when you allow pride to consume you.

The prophetic ministry is not on sale: The Failures of Prophets 

Balak son of Zippor, king of Moab sent men to Balaam to ask him to lay a curse on the people of Israel but Balaam follow the instruction of the Lord not to follow them, he then sent again men more honorable than the first to tell Balaam he is going to promote him with a very great honor and Balaam answered them, if Balak would give me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot go beyond the Word of the Lord my God, to do less or more.

God test Balaam according to the idol that was in his heart

It would have end well with Balaam but He continued saying “I pray you tarry here at night that I may know what more the Lord will tell me”. Balaam was carried away by the gift of the King which led him to pray if God will change his mind on the mater. All that he is interested is the gold and silvers that will come from the hands of the King. God test Him according to the idol that was in his heart by allowing him to go but Gods anger was kindled when he went. On his way his spiritual eyes was blinded by money that God has to use a donkey to open his eyes to Gods direction.  (Numbers 22).

Balaam was a prophet who heard from God but fails. He allowed the mammon of this world to corrupt his calling. The devil Agenda is to corrupt Gods true prophets. They have gone the way of Balaam and are carried away by fame and riches. Balaam has taught Balak to set a trap and stumbling block before the sons of Israel, to entice them to eat food sacrifice to idols and to practice lewdness, given themselves up to sexual vice. (Revelation 2:14). Woe on to them that follows the error of Balaam.

Failure in Given Accuracy: The Failures of Prophets

Some prophets receive revelation in dreams and visions from God. But they went about using their own logical thinking to interpret. this results to result to lack of accuracy. When Joseph was ask by pharaoh if he can interpret his dream. He responded that I can’t do it myself but God can give a good meaning to your dream (genesis 41;16). When Daniel hard about the dream of Nebuchadnezzar he went home and told his three friends to join him in prayers. It is God who rule from heaven will explain the mystery in the dream (Daniel 2:17-8). Some become too familiar with dreams and vision and went about interpreting it on their own. This can also be due to over-familiarity which results to inaccuracy. Some time you may even begin to doubt if the prophet is actually hearing from God or is just creating visions.

The giver of mysteries is the only one that can give accurate meaning of a mystery.

The magicians of Egypt and that of Nebuchadnezzar could not give interpretation because the dream proceeded from the Lord. The accuracy of the prophets proceed from the Lord. A prophets who have hard the call of God can turn to be given a false prophecy. these becomes possible the moment he begin to trust in himself for the interpretation of dreams.

Some prophets begins to fail the moment they tempted to follow the expectation of people. Must especially in special days like new year festival. That is the moment you begin to see so many contradicting prophecy by so many men of God because. It has become like a culture to declare prophecy every new year. The congregation are also expecting something from the Prophets that day. The Failures of Prophets comes in When you have not heard from God. It is better to pray with the church over expectations in the New Year for God to perfect it than to say thou said the Lord when he has not spoken.  Praying into the future and prophesying are not the same thing.

Prophetic Gift But Heretic Gospel

So many people are confused with some prophets who give and interpret prophetic revelation accurately but teach heretic gospel.  This has led many to begin to doubt the call of God upon an individual, you will even be questioning the gift that is upon Him, if he truly receive from God why will God not give him the correct gospel and this has also lead many astray in believing heresy.

The Failures of Prophets can also come into picture when a Prophet assume the office of a teacher. The calling of the prophet is not the same with the calling of a teacher or a pastor. This is as a result of having church assembly that is sustain by only a prophets. a prophet may want to teach because he has a large congregation with him but because that was not what God has call him to do, he will end up preaching heresy.

Not all prophet are call to be teachers.

A church gathering that is sustain by only a prophet is a church with plenty of disabilities.  Going in to do what you are not call to do can be described with a radiographer or a pharmacy in the hospital going to conduct a surgery in the absence of a surgeon. They are all workers in that hospital but because doing surgery is not the training of the pharmacy or a radiographer. He cannot conduct the surgery. God has call us into different office to operate. Except we understand our calling and stick to doing what we are call to do, we will always find ourselves trying to please men by doing what God has not call us to do. If that is not what we are call to do we will not do it correctly.

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