The Domestic Life Of A Christian Youth

The Domestic Life Of A Christian Youth
Text: Colossians 3:17,20,22-25

The test above emphasizes the importance of being obedient to our parents and carrying out assigned roles with diligence in the fear of the lord. The Domestic Life of a Christian Youth demands obedience to God word. Christian youth are expected to be committed to God, be diligent in our duties and we should not be negligent in domestic chores. We are to live organize lives, doing the right thing at the right time not only in school but also at home. The moral condition of the youth today has degenerated beyond measure. They behave abnormally and contrary to the standard laid down in the scriptures. Defiant and immoral, They have no manners and common courtesy. A joyful and bright future awaits the all-round youth who show diligence in domestic duties.

The Domestic Life Of A Christian Youth
The Domestic Life Of A Christian Youth

Domestic duties: The Domestic Life Of A Christian Youth

Domestic duties of a christian youth include: washing of plates, clothes, arraigning and clearing the rooms, bathrooms, toilet, the kitchens, fetching of water, ironing of clothes, assisting in cooking and running of errands. youth should not hide under the guise of studying so much as to be negligent in their roles at home.
Christian youth should not see the time used, for domestic chore as a wasted time but that which contribute to their total development.

What you consider to be a domestic duty today may be a profession or trade in the future. David never knew that the time he was spending with the sheep was a training ground for when he will be shepherd (king) of Gods people. We become more experience as we daily practice our domestic duties. A young girl today later becomes an appreciated mother whose husband and children shall be blessed (proverbs 31:28). A young boy becomes an appreciated father in the future with good experience to pass unto his children.

Children are identify by their doing: proverbs 20:11

Your personal timetable must include the time for domestic duties . The domestic duties should not suffer at the expense of studies or spiritual activities. A well plan timetable then becomes an obvious necessity to accommodate all daily activities for effective time management. The timetable should be flexible to accommodate unforeseen urgent tasks. However, proper discipline should be maintained so as to achieve set goals.

(i) Ecclesiastic 9:10 (ii) Colossians 3:23 (iii) proverbs 10:4 (iv) Ephesians 6:1-3.
Diligence, hard work, and commitment to domestic duties will in no small way, to a bright future. We should avoid eye service and do our domestic duties with a merry heart as unto the lord and not unto men. We should joyfully carry out assigned duties in obedience to our parents and guardians. Always remember that, whatsoever a man sows that shall he reaps. Hard work today will give you a blessed future which you will be very happy to have.

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