Not i but Christ

not i but Christ
not i but Christ

Not I but Christ


It all started at the road to Damascus, when Paul meet Christ. Had it being that Paul met only a preacher and heard only a sermon, we might not have heard of if again. But Paul Met Christ and he had His voice. It was an encounter to exchanging his life with another (Read Gal 2:20). You can afford to not to have an exchange of life. May the Lord enlighten Your heart even as you yield to Him.

Discussion: not i but christ

  1. What does it mean to life for Christ? Paul has chosen not to live for Himself; a called to self-denial (mark 8:34, gal 2:20)
  2. “Christ lives in me”. What does that imply? The life in your tabernacle (body) now is the exact life of Christ. It is the same quality, has the same power, holiness and all attributes of God. “For as He is, so are we now in the world” 1Jn 4:17. The resurrected Jesus in me
  3. What are you living for?
  4. The implication to living for Christ
  5. Henceforth, we must live only for Him (2Cor 5:15; Rom 14:7-9; 12:1,2) You have no personal reason anymore to live on earth, except for Jesus to live in you. You ought to cease to live for the old self and his pursuits.
  6. He must be magnified in us at any cost (Phil 1:20,21)
  7. Can you see what Paul called his duty?

ii) What is life all about?

iii) Paul wondered, “What is life all about?” To Paul it was Christ…! To you… what is life? Is it your parents? Imoney?  your career? Is it even your friends? Paul said, ‘To me, it is Jesus’.

  • You Must Walk as Jesus walked. 1Joh 4:17
  • Frustrate not the grace of God! (Gal 2:21; 2Cor 6:1,2)


Can you face the world all around you and say boldly: leave me alone, I am crucified with Christ! My hands, my feet and my head are all nailed up. I have no hands again to cover up self. I have no head free again to nod in self- defense. My feet no longer could run errands for self. I am crucified with Christ.

What is God looking for in us now that it is ‘no longer ‘I’ but Christ who lives’ in us? Ask God that He may anoint your eyes with eye salves to see what your duty must now be

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