Marriage in The Genesis Pattern

Marriage in The Genesis Pattern

pictorial description of marriage in the genesis pattern
Marriage in The Genesis Pattern

Looking at the marriage in the Genesis pattern As Christians, be it married or not, the issue of marriage is something worth considering and mastering because a careless hold of it can cost you your joy here on earth and life in eternity. But I pray your marriage will not be a sad one in Jesus name. Therefore, take note and beware. Listen closely to the Lord and let Him direct your course in marriage.

We are in a generation in which marriage seems not to work successfully anymore. It seems “the old good lasting happily ever after marriage” has ended. Divorce and separation is the norm of many gatherings, falsely titled “church”.

What really is God’s purpose for establishing marriage? What does the Bible say about this? Let’s find out as we travel back to the beginning in Genesis and take a look at Marriage in The Genesis Pattern


If we are to find out what the answer really is we better do that from the very first example set by GOD Himself? In Genesis chapter two,

  1. God Himself initiated marriage at the beginning of human history
  2. Adam has no part in planning it. Without divine direction, man cannot understand it, much less make it a part of his experience.
  3. The decision that man was to marry proceeded from the Lord, not from the man.
  4. God knew the kind of helper that the man needed. The man did not.
  5. God prepare the woman for the man
  6. God presented the woman to the man. He did not have to go in search of her.
  7. The first marriage was conducted by God when he “brought” Eve to Adam.
  8. God created Eve especially for Adam but He didn’t force her on Adam. He only brought her to Adam and Adam himself enjoined them two together when he admitted “this is the bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh…” (Verse 22-23).
  9. Though God knew that creating Eve for Adam was good, to help Adam, He only brought her to Adam; He didn’t force her on him. He wanted Adam to admit his acceptance, approval, affection and to assent. What we call That is, God recognize the importance of love in marriage. The love spoken of here is not lust, infatuation, inordinate affection, immorality or sexual desire but the pure and true LOVE that is of GOD Himself; for “God is love” (1 John 4:16).
  10. Never be separated again because it is the work of God. And when God joins, who is he that can put asunder? The bond remains active “till death do us apart”. What are the patterns for marriage according to Genesis?

Marriage in The Genesis Pattern: PATTERN NUMBER ONE

Adam was a man and Eve was a woman. Marriage is the “knotting” of one man and one woman together. Not a man with a man or a woman with a woman. A man is an adult male, a woman is an adult female according to definitions..

Marriage in The Genesis Pattern: PATTERN NUMBER TWO: MINISTRY

Adam didn’t leave his ministry/purpose in search for a wife; God brought her to him as he was busily engaged in God’s work. The gravest mistake most singles make is that once they are old enough for marriage, they leave their God-given purpose and follow after “God’s will in marriage”. God’s will in marriage can never be God’s will except you firstly stick to God’s plan. The FACT is that God’s will in marriage is inside God’s divine purpose for you. Dig deeper into the purpose of God, and God will “bring” His Will to you. Don’t go all over the place searching for something that is not lost. Before any other thing, yield to God’s calling and fulfill His heart’s desire.

Marriage in The Genesis Pattern: PATTERN NUMBER THREE

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman (both singular); not two women and a man or however the case might be. When God made Eve, He made only one woman for Adam. Genesis 2:22,24

Marriage in The Genesis Pattern: PATTERN NUMBER FOUR

There must be separation from both parents (not desertion or neglecting of the parents) to form a new family.

Marriage in The Genesis Pattern: PATTERN NUMBER FIVE

When God brings God’s will to you, your union can’t last except you agree in love. Love is what makes the marriage union. Wherever the true and perfect love of God exists, there will always be compatibility. Some of the qualities of charity(love) mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13 are longsuffering, humility, contentious, self-controlling, not self-imposing, not easily provoked, persevering, unfailing. God doesn’t lie. He wasn’t when He said through His Spirit that “charity never faileth” (1 Corinthians 13:8 KJV).


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