Children Are Kingdom Arrows


KINGDOM ARROWsKingdom is an embodiment of people with one ideology, one spirit, one interest. You cannot be a member of two kingdoms. Its either you are in the kingdom of God or devil. An Arrow is a thin stick or iron with a sharp point at one end, which is shoot from a bow. Arrow is used as mark or sign to show direction or position of something. All arrow must have a sharp point at the end. The arrow cannot shoot itself. Parents are bow and the shooter of the arrow. Children are kingdom arrows. The way you sharp your bow academically and spiritually will determine what you will killed.

The arrow is a weapon of war. Hunters in ancient times have used it to hunt and to protect territory. The more you sharpen your children spiritually and academically the more they will succeed. If you train them in the place of prayer, then they will become terror to the kingdom of darkness.

Children Likened To KINGDOM Arrows:


The psalmist wrote, that children are some of the Lord’s providential blessings (v.5). They are a reward from the LORD. Sons help defend the family for they are like weapons (arrows) in the hands of a mighty man.

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth – i.e., sons begotten in youth, when the father is in full strength. “Children of the youth” come then to the height of their manhood/womanhood when the parents are declining in strength and need protection. They are like arrows-a defense against the enemies of their parents.  The question is, are you training your children like Eli or like Job and Mordecai.KINGDOM ARROW

Children As arrows. . Now, we know that sticks are not by nature arrows; they do not grow so, but they are made so; by nature they are knotty and rugged, but by art they are made smooth and handsome. So children by nature are rugged and untoward, but by education are refined and reformed, made pliable to the divine will and pleasure.

Children Are Precious

Children are precious — a heritage — and make the home a treasury. But they are also useful — like fruit and arrows — and make the home a garden and an armory. If we do not raise our children to know and love the truth, who will plant the seeds of truth and fight the battles against lies and evil in the years to come? (For other comparisons, see psalms 128:3 and psalms 144:12.).

Children as kingdom arrow is a fact that children who are brought up in the ways and fear of the lord are vessel in the hand of God, they not only wage war against the kingdom of darkness but they also direct lives of others to the pattern and the desire of god. This set of children always hit the nail on the head, they don’t miss target, any time they talked you will perceive they spoke the truth, they are not afraid, they are bold to declare the counsel of God.

May God give us the grace as parent to train our children to become arrows in the hand of God, to save their generation. Amen


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