Evangelism In A Hostile Environment

Evangelism In A Hostile Environment
Evangelism In A Hostile Environment

“Mathew 28:18-20, 2Peter 3:9, 1timothy 2:4, romans 10:14, act 4:12.

Can God depend on you for the souls in your neighborhood, is your heart move with compassion as you see people trooping into hell. It is Gods will that all should come to repentance, that no one should perish, that all men should come to knowledge of truth and that you should be his witness. Are you carrying out Evangelism In A Hostile Environment?

We are in a generation that is more like what the first-century believers faced, First-century Christians faced Evangelism In A Hostile Environment. they face desperate times. During the rule of Emperor Nero, government policy shifted from tolerance to open persecution of Christians in Rome. Under the later rule of Emperor Domitian, persecution spread throughout the Roman Empire. Yet sporadic waves of persecution had already begun to surface in certain provinces and entities when the Apostle Peter wrote his first epistle to struggling believers.

Evangelism In A Hostile Environment

Evangelism In A Hostile Environment

Why Looking at Evangelism In A Hostile Environment

With several happening in our contemporary generation, I am strongly convinced that we need to be preparing Christians to face and relate to non-believers in a more hostile environment. we need to be prepared to carry out Evangelism In A Hostile Environment. Christians today may soon be feeling like Peter’s audience, that they are becoming “aliens and strangers” in our society (1 Peter 2:11). They may also begin to feel they are “suffering unjustly” (1 Peter 2:20-22). Like Peter, we too need to exhort the believers to stand firm in their faith with a message of hope, pilgrimage, courage, and glory.like peter

Each believer must personally set apart or enshrine the sovereign Lord God of the universe (and any hostile conditions) as Lord in his/her heart. No one else can do that for him/her. When we make Jesus Lord of our lives, He then rules over every dimension of our lives. In such Christ-centered living, we will demonstrate true worship of God by loving Him supremely, by obeying Him, by seeking His approval, by desiring to do His will. We must developed an effective strategy on how to carry out Kingdom assignment “evangelism in a hostile environment.

Million die daily without knowing Christ the messiah who died for them?

The will of God is that: all should come to repentance; no one should perish, all men should be saved, all should come to the knowledge of the truth. Brethren should we fold our hands and watch millions die without knowing Christ because the environment is hostile.

Muslim suicide bomber doesn’t need a pulpit, tithe and offering to carry out a bloody assignment, in defense of a powerless prophet Mohammed……..

They don’t need adverts or social media and on the streets.

They have burnt their school certificates, refused juicy contracts, abandoned wonderful jobs and every day they are sleeping in the bush and starving for months, receiving trainings on how to carry out terrorist attacks, all in defense of Mohammed…

Mohammed was not killed on the Cross shamefully, yet, they can die for him publicly… What would have happened if their Mohammed was crucified on the cross?

Where are the men and women who claims that Jesus died for them?

Mohammed did not do any single miracle, but his followers are dying for him…

He did not raise anybody from the dead…

He died and that was his end…

Yet, they can give everything to spread his belief…

Doing Evangelism In A Hostile Environment

How can we be ashamed of Jesus that spoke to the storm and their was peace? He opened the blind eyes… He interrupted funerals and raised the dead back to life… Is this not enough to tell people about? Did He not do enough to make you let everybody that knows you know that you are not ashamed of the gospel?

We are blaming Muslim fanatics, who are defending with their lives what they believe in…
When are we going to see young men from our churches, after hearing our messages, getting so angry in the spirit that they make up their minds to live and die for the Gospel. But how can we hear such when the only thing we teach them is about how to be rich?

No pulpit hosted John the Baptist

No pulpit hosted John the Baptist… But when his time came and he began to roar from the wilderness, those demonic General Overseers who were using marine powers to run ministry knew that indeed, in every generation, God has breed He is preparing … Yes, they knew that “there was a man sent from God”…

Man of God, if you were sent from God, why are you allowing yourself to be influenced by men who were ‘sent from Bible schools.

To reach out to the Muslim world, we need to first understand Islam.

understanding Islam
  1. Islam means submission
  2. Muslim means one who submit
  3. Mohammed was born in 570AD and died in 632AD
  4. Islam is about 600 years younger than Christianity
  5. Muslim claims that
  • Islam is the last and final religion
  • The claim Islam is the natural religion of mankind
  • Islam is more than a religion
  • They Claim Islam is the shortest and broadest road to God
  1. Christians and Muslims agreed that:
  • God created the world and all that is in it plus heaven and hell
  • He is all powerful, he knows everything and he is everywhere all the time.
  • God reveal his will to mankind though certain prophets.
  • He gave to people laws which should govern their lives and prevent them from doing wrong.
  • God will judge all people, some will be permitted to go to heaven, and all others will have to be thrown into hell.
  1. Islam strongly contradict the Bible
  • Jesus was not more than a prophet, he was not the son of God (Sura 5:78)
  • Jesus was a good man but was not Divine (surah 5:19)
  • God is not trinity (father, son and Holy Spirit) it is considered as blasphemy by Islam (sura 4:171)
  • Jesus did not died on the cross for sinners (sura 4:157)
  • there is no atonement or reconciliation of the sinner to God by the means of the sacrifice of Jesus for us or any other sacrifice (sura 22:36-37)
  1. Islam is attractive to people because
  • The Islam religion helps people in need
  • Islam is simple and natural religion (no drastic changes expected)
  • Muslims are part of the worldwide community
  • Muslims are dedicated and submissive to the religion
  1. The Quran is the absolute authority for every true Muslim. it should be recited (read) often, but never questioned. Parts of the ritual prayer (salat) are taken from the Quran.
  • most Muslims are utterly convinced that the Quran is “nazil”, that is comedown from heaven
  • no critique of the Quran is allowed.


     Comparison                     Quran                            Bible

1. Number of books                                                –                                                       66

2. Number of chapters                                            114                                                  1189

3. Number of authors                                               1                                                       44

4.Period of years of writing                                    23                                                       –

Order of arrangement                          roughly according to length                  roughly in historical order

  1. the faith of Islam is often summed up in five fundamentals (Muslim most believe in them):
  • one God Allah (taw hid)
  • the existence of angels
  • The revealed book- taurat (five books of Moses or perhaps the whole of the Old Testament), zabur (the psalms of David), injil (the gospel of Isa), the Quran.
  • All prophets are send by God.
  • Life after dead and this include predestination and the day of judgement.
  1. the practice of Islam also known as the pillars of Islam
  2. the open confession of faith (shahada) must be in Arabic
  3. the five daily prayers (salat)
  4. zakat (2.5%)- the given of alms
  5. sawn – fasting during Ramadan month
  6. Pilgrimage (hajj) to mecca at least once in a lifetime, provided that one has the means for that.
  • jihad – holy war (physical or otherwise)
  1. The tradition of Islam are contained in the hadith which is the collection of Sunnah. The Sunnah is the copied lifestyle of Mohammed. Islamic theologians declare that the Quran can only be interpreted by the one to whom it was revealed. in other word the imitation of the lifestyle of Mohammed became the model for all Muslims and therefore Muslims strive to copy it was closely as possible
  2. There are verses in the Quran referred to as satanic verses. These are verses Mohammed said were revealed to him which softened and appealed to many maccans, who the turned to Islam. Later it was said angel Gabriel came and withdrew them because they were inspired by satan, so they are no more in the Quran.
  3. Allah, the Quran, and Mohammed are to be believed and obeyed without questioning. no critique of any of the three will be tolerated.
  4. Islam has divided the world in to two: “Dhar-ul-slam”- territory of Islam (referring to where Islam has captured) and “Dhar-ul-harb- the territory of war. (Where people are not govern by Islamic law).
  1. Don’t go for the crowd. Muslims are scared to show interest in front of other Muslims. Muslim evangelism is, as a general rule, personal evangelism.
  2. Evangelism should be done in love and with patience. Threatening people to become Christian is not the right approach.
  3. Don’t give an answer, if you don’t have it.
  4. never lose your composure while preaching to a Muslim
  5. Only God can convert a person. So do your part and expect God to do his part.
  6. Be caution when talking about the three ‘untouchable’ – Allah, Quran, and Mohammed. Always remember that Muslims can be easily hurt when what is sacred to them is spoken of in a derogatory way. But still we need to speak the truth, if we want to be a testimony.
  7. Look for natural opportunity to preach to preach to a Muslim.
  8. You should always lead the conversation. Muslims have a way of changing the subject by coming up with non-relevant questions without being prepared to listen to the answers. If you don’t lead the conversation, you can be overrun and dragged into stupid arguments.
  9. Learn to ask good questions that will build bridges. Stupid question will rather be an obstacle.
  10. Always try to illustrate your point. Not all people can follow abstract thought easily.
  11. Always be ready to substantiate what you say, be it from the Bible, history or from the Quran. Don’t be vague about it, provide the reference.
  12. It is wise to begin the building of an evangelistic relationship with what unite us and latter turn to the points on which we differ.
  13. It is not only important what you say, but more so how you say it.
  14. During the first visit or contact, keep the following in mind:
  • don’t overstay your welcome
  • Get to know your new friend first. Ask questions that will make him or her feel at ease. Don’t drive into spiritual topic immediately.
  1. Our friendship with our Muslim friends should never come to an end from our side. For as long as there is an open for you, make use of it.
  2. Use of literature can be an effective way of reaching Muslims.
  3. Be cautious with male and female contact.
  4. Watch out for little things that may matter to the Muslims. Your dressing, how you handle the Bible. Etc.
  5. Story telling can be a very good method of witnessing. Our lord Jesus Christ was a master of story teller.
  6. Be tactical in answering straight questions like. “What do you think of Mohammed?”
Note the following:
  • Using a Quran to speak to Muslim would immediately be perceived as a threat by most Muslims.
  • There are three key ingredients to Muslim evangelism and neither is a substitute for another.
  1. Knowledge- get books on Islam and read, if possible attend courses to equip yourself.
  2. Spirituality- no knowledge or skill, no method or strategy or trick of any sort will have any spiritual effect, except God draws a person to Himself. (John 6:44)
  3. Experience- this comes by doing. Attempt preaching to a Muslim and that will be the beginning of experience.
  • It is not wrong to sometimes argue persuasively with Muslims as the spirit of God guide you. Acts 9:29, 17:2, 17:17, 18:4, 18:19, 19:8-9.
  • Always remember that ultimately, this is a spiritual battle between life and death, light and darkness, God and Satan. It is not a cleaver argument, as helpful as they may be, that convict but the Holy Spirit. Therefor make prayer your primary weapon, and not your intellect or communication skills. Mathew 12:29
  • In testifying to what Christ has done for you, be careful not to put yourself in the center.
  • You should not be in hurry to invite a Muslim to church.
  • Our day to day conduct and lifestyle is one of the effective of evangelizing Muslims.
  • In reaching Muslims, confrontation cannot be avoided. To avoid confrontation simply means not to present Gods word to a Muslim and let him go to a lost eternity.
  • there are sect within Islam and there are also a great variety of Muslims; orthodox and liberal Muslims, Quran oriented Muslims and others who major on hadiths or both, blind fanatics and considerate Muslims, the educated and the simple, the rural and orphan Muslims, Muslims with different cultures, habit temperament, social and ethnic background. Etc. to assume that people so different, can all be approached and reached in the same way and by the same method is too simplistic and quite unrealistic.
  • So note that the tips given are just suggested principles, depend on the spirit to select the best way to witness in every given situation.
  • A Muslim is more resistant to the Christian message than any other person. the mind of a muslim is programmed in such a way to misunderstand the Christian message.
  • Fred W. Friendly said, “The world is going to hell in a hurry.
  • Leonard Ravenhill said, “We only have one mission- to safe soul, and yet they perish.”
  • The gospel is no longer good news if it arrives late.
  • When a Muslim is newly converted to Christianity he/she must be taught to overcome his/her background, doctrinal challenges and ethics.


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