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The eclipse of spiritual sensitivity is the level of once ability to response to the leading of the Holy spirit. We can classify it into partial eclipse, total eclipse and no eclipse. In geography eclipse is said to be an occasion when the sun which is the ultimate source of light is either partially or completely block because the moon is between the sun and the earth or when the moon look completely or partially covered with a dark circle as a result of the earth coming in between the sun and the moon thereby casting its shadow on the moon.

solar eclipse

For eclipse to occur an object has to come in-between a larger source of light and another object. The moon is a career of light. Its source of light is the sun and it reflect that light to the earth. When it is too dark in the night, the moon shines it little light. One can be able to walk freely in the night without stumbling when the moon shines it little light. As important as the moon is to the earth, it also can cast it shadow on the earth.

Jesus is the light of the world

The eclipse of spiritual sensitivity occurs when an object comes between a Christian and a larger source of light. Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12) When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Jesus is the ultimate source of light. Anyone who follow Jesus will never walk in darkness.

Men who follow Jesus fellowship in the light. Whenever a man comes to stands in the place of Jesus in another man’s life, an eclipse seems to occur. An image of a man will be caste on another man. The man who ought to walk in the light will now be walking in the image of another man. Jesus in Luke 11:35 said take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness. Paul in His instruction to timothy 1 Tim 4:16 Said take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.Jesus light of the worldThe young Prophet who was affected by the eclipse of spiritual sensitivity 


There was a young prophet in the bible who was affected by an eclipse spiritual sensitivity. The anonymous prophet came from Judah because there were still faithful servants of God there whom the Lord could use. He was to deliver God council to the King at bethel. The Lord instructed Him not to eat until He return Back from his Mission. The king’s “Lay hold of him!”  “Come home with me!” But the prophet refused, for he knew his commission from the Lord compelled him to leave Bethel and not tarry.  He came on an express mission, to denounce the apostasy of the times.

The eclipse of spiritual sensitivity was not coming from an unbeliever. Note that this object is not talking of sin. It would have been very open and easy to reject if it was to come from an unbeliever. The man of God had honestly and resolutely refused the king’s invitation, though he promised him a reward. God’s people are more in danger of being drawn from their duty by the plausible pretenses of divinity and sanctity than by external inducements.

The younger prophet did his work well

The younger prophet did his work well and got out of town but he lingered under a three. What bring about eclipse in young revivalist of our time is that they want to lingered under a tree. they seek comfort in a mission that requires urgency. They want to sit comfortably even when the Devil is still active moving around like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour. When the Lord give you instruction, you need to keep going at whatever cost. You are to follow Jesus without lingering for whatever reason.

The old prophet and object of eclipse to spiritual sensitivity

There was an old prophet living in the city of Bethel whom after hearing of the mission of young prophet went after the young prophet. Had it been that the young prophet did not lingered, the old prophet would not have meet Him under then tree. He was over-persuaded by an old prophet to come back with him, and dine in Beth-el, contrary to the command given him. To avoid spiritual eclipse, we need to discipline our stomach. Some Anointed young men of God may be distracted by firm, what to eat, what to wear, what to buy.

It may be thought that the younger prophet sincerely believed his own instructions to be cancelled by the alleged message of the angel to his older brother at Bethel. but this was actually an eclipse. Be careful not to cast you image on others. Young people should respect the age of older people and learn from their experience in ministry. It is important to also note that old prophet is not to cast their image on you instead of the image of Christ. the old prophet

No earthly authority can cancel, or suspend, or dispense with a duty

Other believers can use the Word to encourage us, warn us, and correct us, but beware of letting other believers tell you God’s will for your life. The Father loves each of His children personally and wants to convey His will to each personally (Ps 33:11). Yes, there’s safety in a multitude of counselors, provided they’re walking with the Lord, but there’s no certainty that you have the will of God just because an old Prophet approved it. When any of us know certainly one piece of the Divine will, we simply have to act upon it, let others say what they may. No earthly authority can cancel, or suspend, or dispense with a duty which is perfectly clear to our own conscience.

Many can not hear God for themselves

Many can not hear God for themselves because there is an eclipse of spiritual sensitivity. It is surprise to know that there are young men that can not know the will of God on choice of a life partner for themselves but until they consult the prophet. Whatever the prophets said becomes final. God’s Word cannot contradict itself. Should it seem to do so, or any human interpretation make it appear to do so, we may doubt our own views or the interpretation of others, and should adhere to the plain truth of Holy Scripture. Don’t let other people determine the will of God for your life. Obey what God’s Word says to you, regardless of the cost


The sign of eclipse of spiritual sensitivity is seen When young prophets give more reference of an older prophet than their personal fellowship with Christ. When people follow men of God in disguise of following Jesus. It is seen when people change place of worship to follow a man. When people cut the word of the prophet more than they cut the word of God.

The most dangerous form temptation

The most dangerous form temptation can assume, is that of a lie, disguised in the mantle of truth, uttered by the ravening wolf clad in the sheep’s clothing. How did the tempting spirit appear to this prophet of Judah now? Not in the form of a serpent, as he appeared of old in Eden, nor in the form of an angel, but in the form of a MAN to course an eclipse. The necessity of constant watchfulness. In social circles be ever on your guard; be cautious as to the companionship you form, as to the books you read, as to the guides you follow

what the young prophet could have done

A moment’s thought would, should, have told him that this could not be. He knew that God had spoken to himself; That God does not contradict Himself. He should have remembered, that on the one part he would be obeying his Maker, whose will he fully knew; on the other, he would be listening to a mere mortal, whose truth and authority he did not know, but which he even had good reason to suspect. Against the dictates of conscience, and calm judgment, he yielded to the latter; and therefore, brought himself under the displeasure and condemnation of his God.

There was an old prophet living Bethel. why then will God bring a man from afar. This gives us the impression that the prophet wasn’t exactly a spiritual giant, otherwise the Lord would have called him to rebuke the king. We don’t know what resulted to that because no full detail is given to us about the all prophets. An important thing to note here is that you should not allow yourself to be irrelevant to the service of the Lord while you are still alive. Eli was still alive when God spoke to him through a young boy in the temple called Samuel. To maintain spiritual sensitivity, Ensure to maintain a consistent relationship with God even in Old age.


spiritual sensitivity
spiritual sensitivity


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