Contending for the faith TEXT: Jude 1:1-23

Contending for the faith

The life of a Christian is based solely in his trust of God. The difference between Christianity and every other religion is that “faith factor”. All other religions teach that if you work hard enough, you will attain to their idea of heaven. Christianity teaches that we receive our admittance to God by putting our faith in Him. This is the strength of being a Christian, trusting in God rather than in our own abilities. This faith is the source of good works. Working hard does not produce Christ-likeness in our lives; Christ in our hearts by faith produces His nature in us. Contending for the faith

The original intention of God creating man was for man to enjoy his stay here on earth, and to enjoy everlasting (unending) life and not to struggle. That is why he endowed the earth with good things before creating man. But the coming of sin on earth engaged man on a continuous struggle (contending) with life, to achieve a successful good living.

God allows Satan to remain on earth for us to finish the job

Since the 1st Adam failed to overcome Satan, God allows Satan to remain on earth for us to finish the job. Man opened the door for Satan to reign on earth, it is up to man to cast him out. Jesus condemned sin in our corrupt nature to deal with the sin issue. Reckoning ourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

We are now emboldened to confront Satan. Sin is not the issue but our responses to the temptations, Contending for the faith, the emotions of sin that impacts upon our senses and into our thought processes. This is what we overcome: the evil tendencies that dwell within. Submitting to God, we are now enabled to resist and say ‘no’ to these emotions, and say yes’ to the Holy Spirit. At this point we become overcomers by giving no foothold to the enemy in our thoughts, speech and actions; but instead cast him out and put him under foot as originally commanded

Meaning of Contending for the faith

“Contending for the faith” means a continuous struggle against sin (i.e. activities of the flesh) and wicket people. So that you live according to God original plan for man on earth. You then find rest on earth and in heaven. Hence, contending for the faith becomes necessary for us to survive a holy life and do away with all forms of the works of flesh (Gal.5:19-21); and to attain to eternity; and finally find rest from all struggle of life and wicket people.

To contend for the faith therefore become necessary as Jesus said “strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many I say to you will seek to enter but will not be able” (Luke 13:24). May His grace be made available as we contend for the faith. In Jesus Name Amen.

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