Certainly We Can: Numbers 13:30

Certainly We Can

Let us go up at once and possess it. “Certainly we can overcome it”. God had made absolutely clear to Moses that he intended to give the Israelite a new land of their own.He was very precise about where it would be and what the land contains. A land flowing with milk and honey. In numbers 13, the Lord spoke unto Moses,  saying send thou men, that they may search the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel: of every tribe of their fathers shall ye send a man, every a ruler among them. And Moses did exactly as the lord has commanded him.

Certainly We Can
Certainly We Can

They confirm with their eyes what God had promised them

When they came back, they came with a report that is exactly as the lord had promised. They came to Moses and to Aaron, and to all the congregation of the children of Israel, and showed them the fruits of the land, and they told him and said, we came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it flows with milk and honey and this is the fruit of it. They confirm with their eyes what God has promised them. Unknowing to them that before they could be able to possess the Land, they must face confrontation.

To every man promise land, there is a wilderness to cross and giants confronts. They have had and seen the Promised Land by themselves. their observation concerning the land shifted their attention from what God has promised. It was their wrong observation that discourage them from the promises of God. They gave their own opinion without reference to what God had said. Their mind was change when they saw the confrontation to face before they can go up to acquire the Land.

Caleb and Joshua positive responded in faith, Certainly We Can

Caleb stood up, a leader who believe in the God of all possibilities. He believes that by God all things were created by him, (Colossian 1:16-17) and because of this the enemy can be defeated. When the entire nation headed the same direction, it was only two out of the twelve leaders that came with a positive observation, they believe God would lead them to conquer the land because they had Gods promise to do so. It look as if the two were presuming on God’s help and putting everyone’s life at risk.

Many a time we chose to follow and believe the voice of the majority and forget about the minority weather God is speaking through or not. But you as a child of God need to keep on following him, seek what is best for all even when people you are trying to help reject and attack you for it. Regardless of which way anyone else is rowing, you will be filled with pursuing God.

without God nothing is certain

The bible as our guide book, has it that by strength shall no man prevail, which means without God nothing is certain and we cannot achieve anything of ourselves except by the help of the Holy one of Israel (God) that is why the psalmist has said in psalms 28:8. The lord is their strength and his the saving strength of his anointed. So any man with God can be sure to achieve anything and every because it is certain that the lord is his strength Luke 1:37 “for with God nothing shall impossible” this make it very clear that the ‘certainty’ of any issue is not dependent on man but God.

Certainly We Can, a phrase of complete confidence

certainly we can “is a phrase of complete confidence. It show that the victory has already be won and there was no need to worry or be disturbed on anything. Our abilities are not from ourselves but are show through the abilities of God.  “And Caleb stilled the people and said, let us go up at once”. A man that has the assurance that he can is not slake in his duties or activities. He is not passive in attitude but ever ready and active. “Certainly we can” is said by people who believed in the unlimited might of God because certainty on any matter comes from Gods words. The knowledge and understanding of the word God regarding all situation is very important.

Man walks most times based on chance and changes that occur rapidly in our environment.  numbers 13:30 “let us go up at once and possess it, for we are able to overcome it”.

To obtain certainty on anything we must have the understanding of the matter on ground. the force that influence situation and must have mapped out strategies.

Caleb had an understanding of the word of God concerning the promise land. He had stayed long enough with God to understand that it was never by sight but by the word of God. he did not only have knowledge but had an understanding. Caleb had seen the practicality in God. To Say that for anyone to be certain regarding any matter, he must have truly trusted in the ability of the source.

We can also see how the early apostles overcame fear. God has promised never to leave them no forsake them. They were victorious not because there was no confrontation, but because they believe in Gods mighty power to make things possible. There is no victory without a battle.

They turned their cities upside down. WHY? Because they knew the Lord whom they served, they bragged and boasted about Him. They upset the world in which they found themselves. They worried the devil and gave the rulers sleepless nights. Because they so much trust on God, they did not worry about where the devil would strike next; It was the devil that worried about what they would do in the next moment. As you continue in this journey to your promise land, may the Lord enlighten our heart to understand his promise. May you Walk in step with his promises irrespective of the confrontations?

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