Gods Heritage; the Caretaker Of Gods Heritage

Children are an heritage of the LORD.

Children are Gods Heritage
Gods Heritage

Psalms 127:3-5 The Hebrew translation of the term heritage seems to imply that children are an heritage belonging to the Lord, and not an heritage given by the Lord, Children are a Gods Heritage. children are not from Men, they are conceived in Gods mind even before their parent conceived them. they belong to the Lord. As a father you are only are caretaker. Caretaker not of your own heritage, But are of the Lord. Children need to understand that they are first of the Lord. Heritage from the Lord.

Gods Heritage
Gods Heritage

The Term Heritage

The term heritage is a translation of the Hebrew word that means “property, possession … that which is shared/assigned.” Children are the Lord’s possessions, the Lord’s property. Gods Heritage And, He assigns them to or shares them with parents. From God’s point-of-view there is no such thing as an “accidental birth” or a “surprise pregnancy” or bastard ” or as an unwanted child.” Each one belongs to Him and is assigned by Him to parents.

Not Unplanned By God

You may unplanned by your parent but Not unplanned by God. and this is siA child may be given birth to Outside of wedlock, at a period when the parent never plans to be pregnant, it may be an accident by the parent, but in Gods plan you were never an accident. God never does anything accidentally and never make mistake. He has a reason for everything He creates. it those not matter How you came into the World, this essential thing to note is that you are from the Lord, an inheritance of the Lord.

Children As Gods Heritage Are Sign Of Blessing Upon Image-Bearers.

As a Lady, you don’t have the right to abort that which is of The Lord. No matter happen that make you pregnant. The baby in you worm is from the Lord. You sin by committing fornication or adultery but the child in your worm is not the sin. The abortion movement disagrees with Christians and claims that the issue is a woman’s right to control her own body. Those who favor abortion say that unborn babies have nothing to do with God but belong to their mothers who can do with them what they want. They never admit that children are a trust from God. Those who are pro-abortion don’t view children as a sign of blessing upon image-bearers.

Gods Heritage
Gods Heritage
Psalm 127 “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.”

Children Are Precious

Children are precious — a heritage — and make the home a treasury. But they are also useful — like fruit and arrows — and make the home a garden and an armory. If we do not raise our children to know and love the truth, who will plant the seeds of truth and fight the battles against lies and evil in the years to come? (For other comparisons, see psalms 128:3 and psalms 144:12.).

Every baby born is God’s vote for the future of humankind

The enemy would try to enter at the city gate, and the more sons to fight at your side, the better was the opportunity for victory. (how many children have you raise in the fair of the Lord. They may not be your biological children, but they are of the Lord). It is in the family that we preserve the best of the past and invest it in the future. Every baby born is God’s vote for the future of humankind and our opportunity to help make some new beginnings.

Children Likened To Arrows: —

The psalmist wrote, that children are some of the Lord’s providential blessings (v.5). They are a reward from the LORD. Sons help defend the family for they are like weapons (arrows) in the hands of a mighty man. Sons are capable of defending the family in civil cases (at the gate civil cases were discussed and decided).

Gods Heritage are arrows
Gods Heritage are arrows
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of the youth.
  1. An arrow is small, but powerful. One slew Ahab. Latent capacities of a child.

  2. An arrow must be sharpened. A child must-be educated, its faculties developed. Note its natural sharpness.

  3. An arrow travel far. Who can measure the influence of a child?

  4. Its power depends upon the strength and judgment with which it is sent. A lesson to parents.

  5. It is firmly imbedded, is the twig is bent, so it will grow.

  6. Let us not send into the world poisoned arrows. Psalms 127:4. As arrows. Well doth David call children “arrows”; for if they be well bred, they shoot at their parents’ enemies; and if they be evil bred, they shoot at their parents.

  7. Children As arrows. . Now, we know that sticks are not by nature arrows; they do not grow so, but they are made so; by nature they are knotty and rugged, but by art they are made smooth and handsome. So children by nature are rugged and untoward, but by education are refined and reformed, made pliable to the divine will and pleasure.

  8. As arrows. “Our children are what we make them.  arrows go the way we aim them.”

  9. they are what a parent may rely on for defense in danger, or for help in securing provision for himself and family-as the warrior or the hunter relies on his arrows. So are children of the youth Sons in their youth; in their prime and vigor

  10.  Children, can perceive here what is the duty which you owe your parents. You are to protect them in their old age, and be to them as arrows in the hands of the warrior. Protect them from the assaults of poverty, should they require your assistance in this respect. They did not leave you to the cold charity of strangers when you were feebler than they now are. Why should you act differently towards them, and pay back your debt with an immense ingratitude? You are to protect them under all the infirmities of declining years. If you cannot bear with the fretfulness of disease, and with the deepening shadows of those to whom under God you owe your existence, and who toiled for you and watched over you when you could do neither for yourselves, what sympathy can be expected from others?

As Arrows Are In The Hand Of A Mighty Man, so are Gods Heritage, children of the youth

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth – i.e., sons begotten in youth. And The father becomes full of strength (Gen 49:3: cf. Isa 54:6). “Children in their youth” come then to the height of their manhood, in a period when the parents are declining in strength and need protection. They are like arrows-a defense against the enemies of their parents.

If they have to speak with enemies in the gate to upbraid them with their wrong, or to ward off their unjust accusation-they shall not be ashamed, overawed, disheartened, or disarmed.



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