Unto Us a Child is Born

Unto us a child is born

Text: Luke 2:1-7

💐🎉🎁The birth of Jesus took place quietly in the town of Bethlehem without the notification of many. As there were no place for the Prince of peace to be birthed except in the manger, and no bed for him to be laid except on an animal feeding trough. Nobody to announce his birth to the world except the angel of GOD. No gifts from friends, family, neighbors etc except the gift from the Magi. 

Can you imaging the circumstances that surrounded the birth of Jesus. But today his celebration is all over the place. 

IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW YOU STARTED BUT YOUR END WILL INCREASE CONSIDERABLY I prophesy to as many that are reading this text👉🏿Job.8.7 – Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.

Joseph was a carpenter in the small town called Nazareth where sister Mary and her parent live. He saw a lovely sister and two of them consented to marry. Before the marriage Joseph discovered that MARY was pregnant and wanted to stop the marriage but the Angel of God told him to Mary her and he obeyed. 

When Emperor Augustus gave decree that everybody should be counted he quickly took his fiancée Mary to his town to be counted among his people. 

His obedience was registered around every action he took. The stress of traveling to such distance with a pregnant woman almost to be delivered is worthy to be noticed though some may call it risky journey. But those who married as youth understand better,  he believed that he could do it.

Joseph didn’t want to leave Mary with the pregnant at home oblivious of the fact that she was about to deliver.

Fathers how many times have you stayed with your wives during their labour? 

Your presence means much to them and to you unless you are insensitive.

Joseph gave all to support the birth of Jesus though the world didn’t give him chance

It is unfortunate that the circumstances that played out during the birth of Jesus is continued until now. 

NO PLACE OF BIRTH FOR JESUS.  the busy world didn’t give chance to Jesus vis-à-vis fame, money, politics, business, academic and money. People have allowed these things to occupy their heart that massages of salvation is given less attention just like your manger where you visit any time you have leftover food or bins you want to dispose. 

 Have you a place for Jesus in your heart today👉🏿❓

If the world new who was birthed that day the crowd would have disrupted the entire demographic exercise.

But now that you know don’t make that mistake twice.

Don’t allow the world that don’t have place for Jesus to dictate how you live or mark this season for you

Remember Jesus is the reason for the season

Let these ACRONYM guide your conduct this season.

📌C= charity, compassion. Love all and hate none

📌H=Holiness for without it no one can see the lord, humility, honour.

📌R=reverence God in all you do this period. Don’t be carried away by celebration

📌I= intercede for those who are in need and live a life for prayer especially for those that don’t have Jesus in their live

📌S= service, sacrifice, submission etc. Husband, Wife, children etc ensure that the fragrance of your Christianity spread around.

📌T=Tolerance, Thanksgiving etc should be your watchword. If you have achieved much for the year thank God and tolerate those who are not like you, likewise if you have achieved little thank God for the gift of life etc

📌M=magnanimity, merry. Extend your benevolent to other especially those in motherless baby’s home, destitute, remand home, prison etc so that they can join in merry making. Don’t live on your own. Christ came that all may have life and have it abundantly

📌A=admit that you are a sinner and adhere to the saving grace of Jesus. Call on him with a sincere heart.

📌S=sure to carry your cross daily and follow him. 

Let Christ and not crises be seen in everything you do these day.

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